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Montenegro Government – Ministry of Health made decision on 12th of January 2021 to update measures for entry in the country.

By new regulations, PCR test is no longer required for entering Montenegro.

However, it is required to strictly follow measures stated by Institute of Public Health: If you notice  symptoms  of  a  respiratory  infection  (fever,  sneezing,  cough,  runny  nose, difficult  breathing  or  other):

  • put a mask on your mouth and nose;
  • increase  hand  hygiene  (wash  your  hands  with  worm  water  and  soap  frequently);
  • avoid contacts  with  other  persons;
  • use a  tissue  when  sneezing  or  coughing;
  • make a phone  call  to  responsible  epidemiological  service  responsible  for  the territory  of  your  residence  (the  list  is  provided  at  the  end  of  this  document).  The epidemiologist  will  give  you  instructions  for  further  procedures.  We  kindly  ask you  to  follow  these  instructions  completely.

These measure are in force until 26th of January, 2021.


Sources: Montenegro Ministry of Health and Institute of Public Health.