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Dear Clients,


We are always pleased that we have been able to assist you.

In a new digital era, technology of communication is changing faster than ever. For the same reason we are in constant need of improving way for exchanging documentation with our clients.

In new posture of stronger Cyber Security, sensitive documentation will be sent to our clients with two-factor authentication transfer. Therefore, clients will have to have access to both, email account, and phone (SMS) to get the files. All clients are asked to ensue, they have downloaded sensitive document signed with BCM digital signature. Digital signature with time stamp will provide assurance for validity and authenticity of electronic documents.

This brings the risk of unauthorized access or malicious attacks to our communication with our client at minimum.  In addition, an important aspect is that relevant personnel are trained in identifying the typical cyber-attacks.

If you are communication with our office, please do not execute any actions requested in email if you don’t see valid and trusted digital signature. Emails can carry scams or malevolent software (for example worms, bugs etc.).

In order to avoid virus infection or data theft, our policy is always to inform clients to:

1) Abstain from opening attachments or clicking any links in the situations when its content is not well explained,

2) Make sure to always check email addresses and names of senders are from BCM trusted list. Search for inconsistencies,

3) Be careful with clickbait titles (for example offering prizes, advice, etc.) BCM is not sending any those titles

4) In case that you are not sure if the email received from BCM, or any type of its data is safe, you can always contact us at phone +382 (0) 32 30 46 96 / 32 30 46 97 or at known mobile number from BCM personnel


We will be always at your disposal…


BCM Team